Strangers In My Garden film collection

The film collection
„Strangers in My Garden” (“Idegenek a kertemben”) is a collection of documentary films about migration. The films portray the lifestyles, adaptational strategies, hardships and victories of immigrants living in Europe. Separation and assimilation, new and old homes, homelands, families and friendships are reflected in the fate of individuals and communities.

The films are free for cultural and educational proposes in Hungary on the website >>

The aim
In our experience, documentaries that give a sensitive and sensual portrayal of segments of reality with loveable, real-life protagonists may be an excellent means of teaching tolerance, in the struggle against prejudiced attitudes and negative discrimination. With a comprehensible story, the viewer identifies with the protagonist, imagining his situation, starting to like her, and learning to treat differences as values in both cases.
Based on this effect, and with the support of the European Union Integration Fund we created this collection in order to grant free access to documentaries of appropriate content and quality to those who wish to use them for purposes of education or culture within the framework of the programmes against exclusion and negative discrimination.

Strangers in my garden – pedagogical manual (available in Hungarian)
The “Strangers in My Garden – pedagogical manual” is the follow-up to the film collection on migration. The manual contains a background study on migration, a study on the methodology of visual education as well as concrete pedagogical tools for the films organized in thematic categories. The manual is easy to use and contains ideas, essays and exercises based on experience that can be easily adapted to the curriculum and structure of high school classes. The manual is useful for high school teachers, university instructors, organizations and experts working on issues of migration and anthropologists, but we also encourage its use by students, those outside of formal education and those who have a general interest in the topic of migration.

Our direct aim is to support and motivate the use of documentaries in education for integration and cultural-ethnic tolerance. On the long run, we would like to spread documentary film as a tool in education as well as in cultural events and programs in the field of migration.

Strangers in My Garden spot

The project supported by European Union Integration Fund

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