New Era New Adventure visual communication workshop – open call

OPEN CALL for Non-governmental organizations

for participation in a training course  in the field of visual communication and story development

Palantír Film Visual Anthropological Foundation is happy to announce the New Era, New Adventures project, a workshop for individuals representing NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) hold in autumn of 2018. The goal of the workshop is to develop the visual content creating skills of its participants, in order to achieve greater impact with the online communication of their representative organizations.

Another goal of the project is to adapt the strongest stories for the screen.


Who should apply?


The workshop is for representatives / employees of non-governmental organizations

  • who feel like taking charge in the communication of their projects
  • who believe in the power of stories and desire to share their own with others
  • who want to create a visually noticeable representation of the part of the society they work  in
  • who would love to work with filmmakers
  • who agree to the full participation and co-operation in the four days of workshop and also in the further development of their project upon selection after the initial workshop (teaser shooting, pitching forum)


What do we offer?

  • free audiovisual and communication training
  • common work with professional filmmakers
  • elaboration and development of a film project based on its own story, creating a thesis video (for selected projects)
  • participation in a professional pitch forum (either as a pitcher or as a guest)
  • a valuable chance for international networking
  • an experience of a lifetime


The date of the workshops (2×2 days):

  • November 30th, 2018  – December 1th, 2018.
  • December 7  – 8th, 2018.



Participation in workshop is free and we also offer snacks, coffees.


15 applicants will be selected to participate in the workshop. The evaluation process will consist of interviews with the applicants, either in person or through Skype.


Click here to apply with a google form:


Deadline for applications: The midnight of September 31th, 2018


For further information please refer to: Katalin Banai

Tel: +36 70 409 77 45;




Detailed information:


The increasement of the digital competency of an organization will make its operation much more effective. The increased visibility makes it easier to reach more sympathizers and supporters for its cause, which in turn raises the competitive and self-preservative abilities of the organization.


In our experience, the activities and achievements of NGOs are underrepresented in the media, even though the work of such organizations often lead the way for many groundbreaking grasroot movements, and to new and helpful ideas tailored to fit the needs of people on the fringes of society, immigrants, the environmentally conscious, or the youth, and to help to fix the errors the working mechanics of our society. Visually noticeable representation of their  activity can be valuable for others. Documentary film-makers often look for issues, stories to use them in their works. It’s time to get to know each other, to make these stories visible.


Over the four days of the training, the participants can learn how to base their communication strategies on their own experiences and narratives collected during their everyday work. Supervised by industry professionals, participants will be able to gain experience  of content making (be it visual, text, or film based) and also to learn the technique of effectively pitching their ideas.


The stories developed during the workshop will be described by filmmakers in a “Idea Fair” in order to get creative stories from the terrain. The project supports the development of two movie plans and the creation of a “teaser,” which is implemented jointly by the selected participants of the wokshop and the co-ordinated filmmakers.

In May 2019, at the end of the project, a total of 8 projects from 4 countries will be presented at a pitching forum in front of international sponsors.


The New Era, New Adventure – Digital Competitiveness and Cooperation in V4 Countries project is realized with the support of the Visegrad Fund, and in co-operation between Palantir Film Visual Anthropological Foundation (Hungary), Foundation for the Cultural Exchange toTU toTAM (Poland), Institute of International Relations Prague (Czech Republic), Cukru Production (Slovakia) and Bronco (Slovakia).


The main goal of Palantír Film Visual Anthropological Foundation is to further the intercultural discourse through the medium of documentary film. The aim of our projects is to increase the consciousness of society, while also promoting the importance of opinion-forming in social issues. The concept of our ’Female diversity’ project ( has been developed to its current form during the SEEDS social enterprise workshop organized by co-organized by Erste Bank and SIMPACT.


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