New Era partners

New Horizons Association is a non-governmental organization based in Warsaw and Wroclaw in Poland. Our main activity is New Horizons International Film Festival – festival aimed at directors who search for new ways of expression in cinema language. Apart from the festival, we do a number of different projects – all based around art-house cinema & film education.

The Institute of International Relations Prague (IIR) is an independent public research institution which conducts excellent academic research in the larger field of international relations, which includes European studies, security studies, area studies and other related disciplines. IIR has been the leading academic institution for the study of international relations in the Czech Republic since 1957 and it is also an active member of several international research networks.

Cukru production is a videproduction studio founded by director Martina Slovakova in 2012. Cukru is a group of ideamakers, designers, editors, animators and cinematographers. They strive to produce quality visual solutions. Having many experience with projects for NGOs, local brands, commercial projects, election campaigns or biggest international brands is making from Cukru one of the leading video-agencies in Slovakia.

Bronco n.o. is a nonprofit organization that has been operating in Trnava since 2011 for the local community. One of their projects is Kubik, which creates a background for their work in various fields related to young artists, music and crafts. The organization strives to connect local professionals and active people who inspire each other and create values for their environment. The Bronco n.o. projects are Trnavský ríks, Trnavský blšák, the city’s popular markets and the Trnava picnic, which provides concerts and community dinners. The Bronco keeps the Vyklad Gallery, which acts as a community gallery managed by volunteers.

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