May, 02 2016

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Big Picture – Poland

May, 08 2019

Stowarzyszenie Big Picture is from Białystok, small town on the eastern border of Poland.  This organisation is working with groups particularly in risk of social exclusion, especially with children and people with disabilities. In their projects they are using culture, art and new technologies. Their current project is about audio description as a useful tool to present films and [...]

NoDrama – Poland

May, 08 2019

Centrum Rozwoju NoDrama is from Katowice, Silesian district in south of Poland. This organisation is working with children and teenagers who are actively using Internet, new media and new technologies. NoDrama are teaching them what is cyber violence and how to protect and react when one is a victim of it. In their projects they are using methods of drama, especially forum [...]

Roma Visual Lab – methodological handbook

May, 06 2019

 Roma Visual Lab was launched with great ambitions at the turn of 2010/2011. It ventured to tackle the ever present methodological problem of connecting theory to practice and to effectively realize the goals of pedagogy, while in terms of content, it undertook the task of performing a scholarly analysis of the representation of the Roma. The gradual realization of these undertakings [...]

Folk Tales Association – Hungary

May, 06 2019

„It is important that our stories performe live, because the folk tale operates in an improvisational way, adapted to the situation and the audience. Story-telling is not only a tradition but also a great tool for quality entertainment. We tell tales to children, the elderly and patients regularly, and then we often see sparkling eyes. From time to time, we also tell folk tales [...]